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The Original Soundtrack (2023 reissue)

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After two albums and a run of hit singles on the UK label, the group moved across to Mercury Records in 1975.
10CC - The Things We Do For Love: The Ultimate Hits & Beyond

Disc 1

1            10cc      Rubber Bullets

2            10cc      Donna

3            10cc      Dean & I

4            10cc      Wall Street Shuffle

5            10cc      Silly Love

6            10cc      Life is a Minestrone

7            10cc      I'm Not In Love

8            10cc        Art For Art's Sake

9            10cc      I'm Mandy Fly Me

10          10cc      The Things We Do For Love

11          10cc      Good Morning Judge

12          10cc      Deadlock Holiday

13          10cc      Natural Wonder

14          Godley & Crème              Under Your Thumb

15          Godley & Crème              Wedding Bells

16          Godley & Crème              Cry

17          Hotlegs Neanderthal Man

18          Graham Gouldman         Look Through Any Window

19          Graham Gouldman         No Milk Today

20          Graham Gouldman         Pamela Pamela

Disc 2

1            Graham Gouldman         For Your Love

2            Graham Gouldman         Heartful of Soul

3            Graham Gouldman         Bus Stop

4            Gouldman & Godley       Son Of Man

5            Gouldman & Godley       The Same Road  

6            Gouldman & Godley       Johnny Hurts

7            Gouldman & Godley       Hooligan Crane

8            Gouldman & Godley       Barry’s Shoes

9            10cc      Donna (Live)

10          10cc      Rubber Bullets (Live)

11          10cc      The Wall Street Shuffle (Live)

12          10cc      I’m Not In Love (Live)

13          10cc      Art For Art’s Sake (Live)

14          10cc      I’m Mandy Fly Me (Live)

15          10cc      The Things We Do For Love (Live) 

16          10cc      Dreadlock Holiday (Live)



10CC - The Things We Do For Love: The Ultimate Hits & Beyond


This is not the first 10cc Hits collection, but it is definitely the most comprehensive TV Ad package.

The 1st disc contains all hits from the classic years (1972>83), Godley & Creme hits and the unreleased track Natural Wonder from the original line-up. disc two has Graham Gouldman performing versions of some of the many hits he wrote for other artists, 5 tracks from 2006 collaboration between Graham and Kevin Godley and finally 7 unreleased live tracks from 10cc in 2010.