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Puma Blue

In Praise Of Shadows (B-Sides & Live Versions)

Limited clear LP in PVC Sleeve - £15.99 | Buy
A collection of B-Sides, live takes and rarities.

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Holy Waters
  1. Falling Down
  2. Pretty
  3. O, The Blood!
  4. Hounds
  5. Too Much, Too Much
  6. Epitaph
  7. Gates (Wait For Me)
  8. Dream Of You
  9. Holy Waters
  10. Mirage
  11. Light Is Gone

Puma Blue

Holy Waters

blue flowers
  • limited indies only transparent blue lp + *signed polaroid*

    Released: 1st Sep 2023

  • limited indies only transparent blue lp

    Released: 1st Sep 2023

  • black lp

    Released: 1st Sep 2023


Rippling with emotion yet carefully strung across gossamer-thin melodic fronds, Jacob Allen's second full length studio release as Puma Blue showcases deep, mature songwriting and a deft knack for gut punch pathos.

A substantial leap in Jacob’s artistry; extraordinary multitudes of hurt and relief are journeyed in his writing, navigating the spaces between grief and elation, and the strange semblances between solitude and community. Across its eleven tracks, his voice is a gossamer fabric delighting in the brightest language as he retraces every path walked in the harshest years of his life with a startling sincerity, looking each face of grief in the bloodshot eye. For the most part, he accepts it. Recorded with his live band over the course of two visits to Eastbourne’s Echo Zoo Studios, a joy permeates each sonic corner of Holy Waters, the studio techniques more analogue and experimental than his previous work, but sounding fuller, richer, killing what ego was left in Puma Blue and paying their band-centric debts proudly. Inspired still by luminaries from Jeff Buckley to Björk, more important to Holy Waters was Portishead’s inexplicable marriage of a live band and production, and the improvisational work of Can and Hendrix. This is an album that can be devoured late at night with headphones as much as it can be blasted on the open road.