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This Is A Photograph

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A succinct snapshot of Memphis history carefully entwined with the Texan’s own tumultuous past.


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Stripping things back to their roots, morby’s sixth album pairs delicate folk music with uncomplicated melodies and bruising lyrical ruminations.

city music

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lp + download - £21.99 | Buy
Full of listless wanderlust, this is a collection inspired by & devoted to the metropolitan experience across America & beyond, by a songwriter cast fro...


7" - £6.99 | Buy
a pair of unreleased gems from the morby vaults inspired by literature and travels.

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steve gunn

The Unseen In Between

cd - £9.99 | Buy
rootsy and psychedelic, this pivotal modern american songwriter releases his most refined and chiselled album to date – essential for fans of kurt vile, m...
More Photographs (A Continuum)


  1. This Is A Photograph II
  2. Triumph
  3. Bittersweet, Tennessee
  4. Going To Prom
  5. Lion Tame
  6. A Song For Katie
  7. Five Easy Pieces Revisited
  8. Mickey Mantle’s Autograph
  9. Kingdom Of Broken Hearts


More Photographs (A Continuum)

Dead Oceans
  • limited coke bottle clear lp

    Released: 10th Nov 2023


Kev's got his camera out again! This time he's finding new angles and perspectives on some of the tracks from 'This is a Photograph' and furnishing us with a fresh new set that expands that world even further.

this nine song companion to 'This is a Photograph' Features three reimagined renditions of TIAP songs and six brand new ones. 'More Photographs (A Continuum)' finds new nooks, corners and vantage points. “If This Is A Photograph is a house that you have been living inside of,” says Morby, “then More Photographs is, perhaps, the same home just experienced differently. As if you, its inhabitant, have taken a tab of something psychedelic and now, suddenly, you’ve replaced your eyeglasses with kaleidoscopes.”