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Welcome Home
  1. Till The End of Time (Night Sky)
  2. Something Different
  3. Whenever
  4. Nothing We Can't Get Through
  5. By Your Side
  6. Falling For You
  7. Don't Turn The Music Down
  8. Tell Me Something
  9. Looking for Me
  10. De La Soul

Gareth Donkin

Welcome Home

Drink Sum Wtr
  • limited "evergreen" transparent emerald lp + signed postcard (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 22nd Sep 2023


Donkin’s extraordinary debut, ‘Welcome Home’, showcases the 23-year-old’s stunning mix of instrumental virtuosity and emotional intuition, blending highly sophisticated melodic and harmonic craftsmanship with deeply moving lyrical explorations of longing, desire, and determination.

The songs here draw on soul, funk, pop, yacht rock,hip-hop, jazz, and even bossa nova, hinting at times to everything from Michael Jackson and Bill Evans to George Benson and Jamiroquai, and Donkin’s performances are nothing short of mesmerizing, layering up instrument after instrument in the best one-man-band tradition of Prince or Stevie Wonder. The result is a moving work that’s equal parts brain and brawn, a masterful coming-of-age self-portrait from a young artist discovering himself—and his sound—one song at a time.