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Before The Past - Live From Electrical Audio

temporary residence ltd.


Released: 8th Nov 2019


limited edition crystal clear with Pink Smoke LP

Released: 8th Nov 2019


classic early mono songs Newly recorded on one day in 2019 by the legendary production chops of Steve Albini; this mighty record is as much a declaration of the present as it is a document of the past.

Recorded live on a razor-thin budget, 2001’s ‘Pipal Tree’ was an earnest introduction to the curious magic of a band that would eventually become synonymous with monstrously dynamic, contemporary classical rock music. Anchored by the towering 16-minute noise opus, ‘Com(?)’ shows the evolution of MONO's execution, stripping away the strings and layers of guitar overdubs to show just how massive this band can be at their most instrumentally austere. These songs, which are now 20 years old, feel more powerful and profound than ever; a testament to MONO's enduring dedication to their craft, and their dogged exploration of maximum minimalism.

Before The Past - Live From Electrical Audio


  1. Com(?) (Live From Electrical Audio)
  2. L’America (Live From Electrical Audio)
  3. Halo (Live From Electrical Audio)