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Released: 1st Apr 2016


Initially entitled ‘(oo)’, ‘Vood(oo)’ well and truly set itself free of its original studio carcass to become a brand new live monster; malignant and roaring, powerfully transported by a demonic loop.

With a fine strings epilogue composed by Vacarme (a group that labelmate Gaspar Claus is a part of), rone is summoning his creature for the last time in order to impose a silence that will leave us all dazed and confused. ‘Pankot’ initiates a strange symphonic ceremony animated by a ghostly organ and a belligerent orchestra of industrial sounds while on ‘Dolls’ he enthrals the listener with a nocturnal and contemplative nursery rhyme. finally ‘ETC’ is an orchestral introductory piece that releases vital energy as the producer’s precise electronic interventions collide with Bachar Mar- Khalifé’s bow and piano.



  1. Vood(oo)
  2. Pankot
  3. Dolls
  4. ETC