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Fallen (20th Anniversary Edition)


  1. Going Under
  2. Bring Me To Life
  3. Everybody's Fool
  4. My Immortal
  5. Haunted
  6. Tourniquet
  7. Imaginary
  8. Taking Over Me
  9. Hello
  10. My Last Breath
  11. Whisper
  12. My Immortal (Band Version)
  13. Breathe No More
  14. Farther Away
  15. Missing
  16. My Immortal (strings version)
  17. Bring Me To Life (demo 2002)
  18. Bring Me To Life (AOL session 4152003)
  19. Going Under (live Madrid 40 PP)
  20. Bring Me To Life (live MMM acoustic 2020)
  21. My Immortal (live 2022)


Fallen (20th Anniversary Edition)

concord / craft
  • remastered 2cd w/ 24pp booklet

    Released: 17th Nov 2023


You might have thought they'd gone under but this reissue is bringing them back to life - this time with b-sides, rarities, and a fresh new remastering!.

Featuring the stratospheric hit singles "Bring Me To Life," "Going Under," "Everybody's Fool" and "My Immortal", this 20th anniversary edition has been remastered & expanded to include B-sides, rarities, and more.