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our favourite releases of the year so far


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Released: 15th Jun 2021


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With the shop having been closed for a good chunk of the first half of this year, we don’t feel like we were able to do justice to a lot of the releases that came out in early 2021.

You couldn’t browse them in our racks, we couldn’t blast them from the shop stereo & you couldn’t have The Residents enthusiastically jabbering on at you about what delights your ears needed to hear.

So, we decided to take a pause. Have a little ponder about the music that’s seen us through the year so far & bring those musings to you in the form of our Mid Year Picks. It also seemed like a good opportunity for you to get to know all The Residents in one place, as we have multiplied at quite a rate & have lots of new faces on the counter & in the rest of the team too. We don’t even all work in the same building, as the mail order & office functions have moved upstairs to the office above the shop. Yes – we now have our own roof terrace, room to swing a proverbial cat, more than 1 toilet & daylight for the previous cave dwellers. We are positively luxuriating, in record shop terms, with our dodgy wi-fi, static shocks & wonky desks (apart from Jon, who is struggling with the surge of Vitamin D)!

As you’ll see, our mid year round up is a much more casual affair than the mammoth end of year Resident Annual. Each of us has picked our favourite 4 albums of the year so far, featured here in no particular order.

>> It’s great to find that we continue to agree on very little, so there are lots of albums represented between us across all genres <<

We’ve also highlighted a selection of other releases that have excited us that didn’t make it to the Top 4s (some of which came out after the staff submissions), to make sure you don’t let them pass you by. Plus we’ve had a sneaky peek into the future to draw your attention to some albums currently up for preorder that you might want to jump on now, especially if you’re hankering after any of the limited vinyl pressings (which with the pressure that pressing plants are under at the moment, are becoming more limited by the day!).

we hope you enjoy perusing our choices &, hopefully, find yourself a new favourite or 2 to add to your own list!

Big love from.


The Residents.


our favourite releases of the year so far