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David Bowie 1964 to 1982 On Track : Every Album, Every Song

Jay Gent

David Bowie 1964 to 1982 On Track : Every Album, Every Song

Sonicbond Publishing
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    Released: 26th May 2022

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David Bowie 1964 to 1982 On Track series takes the reader on a station-to-station tour through the first eighteen years of Bowie's incredible recording career.

It takes us from his formative years chasing the zeitgeist of '60s pop from mod and R&B to acid-folk and hard rock, to his run of innovative, pioneering albums from Hunky Dory to Scary Monsters that set the agenda for the seventies just as The Beatles had for the previous decade, and whose influence can still be heard today. The book is a fresh, accessible and engaging critical appreciation of every officially released recording from 1964 to 1982 discussing every album and every song, in terms of its music and its lyrics. It includes rarities, single-only tracks, B-sides, bonus tracks and box set extras as well as overviews of compilations, reissues and live albums. So much has been written about David Bowie as an icon, hero and trendsetter - particularly in the wake of the artist's passing in January 2016 - but ultimately it always comes back to his impressive body of work. This book is your companion to that world, whether you are a die-hard fan or a newcomer discovering his music for the first time.