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Cat Power

sings dylan - the 1966 royal albert hall concert

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In November 2022, Cat Power took the stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall and delivered a song-for-song recreation of one of the most fabled and transforma...
Cat Power


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Sweeping from classic covers to obscurities and even a self re-do, Power’s latest reworks expand upon the spirit of the originals, adding a powerful layer...
Cat Power


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chan marshall’s return to the folkier, bluesier side of the tracks is very welcome on this lustrous set of understated, yet quietly powerful, acoustic bal...
Cat Power

Moon Pix

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Chan Marshall's hypnotic & otherworldly masterstroke from 1998, featuring jim white & mick turner of dirty three.
moon pix - 33 1/3 by donna kozloskie

Cat Power

moon pix - 33 1/3 by donna kozloskie

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
  • book

    Released: 8th Sep 2022


Moon Pix was conceived during a hallucinatory waking nightmare in the South Carolina home of Chan Marshall one fateful day in 1997.

Spirits violently swam up around her house, looming at the windows, beckoning her to join them. Her and her acoustic guitar warded them off song after song, nearly the entire album rushed forth onto a tape recorder that night. Facts, fictions and visions ripple throughout the accounts of Moon Pix from every angle- memories of screaming at an audience, spirals of drunkenness, swimming with sharks in Australia, intense, resonant lyrics and thunderstorms ringing through speakers. Like all legends, the aura surrounding them is an impression, a sensory feeling of unreliable memories: layers of stories become histories. Through interviews with key players, audience member accounts, fictional narrative imaginings, a collection of record reviews and other explorations of truth, this book, like Moon Pix itself, is an ode to the myth within the music and the music within the myth.