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keaton henson

Inside Voice (Sketchbooks 2011-2022)

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Paperback Book in deliberately distressed replica Sketchbook Dust Jacket

Released: 12th Oct 2022


Since childhood, Keaton Henson has had a sketchbook by his side, catching moments and keeping him company.

Inside Voice is a collection of his drawings, sketches and doodles from these sketchbooks over the last 12 years. Curated by Keaton himself, this collection gives a rare glimpse of what’s inside his head. “These books have been with me in every bus, train, plane, hotel room, hospital waiting room and park bench I have ever inhabited. Since childhood I have had one at my side at most hours of most days, catching whatever falls from my withering head. Keeping me company.” Keaton Henson This paperback book of illustrations features a dust jacket which replicates the look of Keaton’s own well-worn sketchbook and has a deliberately distressed effect.

Inside Voice (Sketchbooks 2011-2022)