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the telescopes

Splashdown: The Creation Days 1990-1991 (RSD18)

Radiation Deluxe

record store day exclusive 2018 - 180g LP, numbered + poster

Released: 21st Apr 2018


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The Telescopes were founded in England in 1987 by chief member Stephen Lawrie and released several recordings in the late 1980s but it is in 1990, when the band signed to legendary label Creation, that they hit their stride and helped to define a decade of UK rock music.

Fusing elements of psychedelia with noise-rock, and dreamy pop, The Telescopes were near the forefront of the early shoegaze scene and hugely influential on the next wave of early 1990s Brit-pop. This crucial collection complies all 4 of their 12" singles on Creation as well as a 1991 John Peel session and other bonus tracks. Issued on 180 gram 2LP with a deluxe double sided poster insert. Track list: Side A: 1. Precious Little 2. Deep Hole Ends 3. Never Hurt You 4. I Sense 5. Everso 6. Never Learn Not To Love Side B: 1. Wish Of You 2. Celeste 3. All A Dreams 4. Celestial 5. Flying 6. Soul Full Of Tears Side C: 1. High On Fire 2. The Sleepwalk 3. Tornado (Alternate Version) 4. Sunspray 5. 16T#3 6. From The Inner Void I Fear Side D: 1. The Sleepwalk (Sitar Version) 2. Candy Says 3. The Good's Gone 4. Please Tell Mother 5. Splashdown 6. To The Shore 7. The Presence Of Your Grace

Splashdown: The Creation Days 1990-1991 (RSD18)