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The Chemical Brothers

Born In The Echoes

virgin emi


Released: 24th Jul 2015


deluxe cd

Released: 24th Jul 2015


180g 2lp

Released: 24th Jul 2015


juddering electronic funk and get-yourself-on-that-dancefloor-now-beats aplenty on the eighth studio album from the dance music pioneers.

like a machine, the brothers hammer out banger after banger like 'edm' never happened. this is the most mind-expanding they've sounded to date; transcendent electronic psych with guest appearances from st. vincent, q-tip, beck and more adding even more talent to the already overwhelming levels contained on disc. "a thunderous reminder that when they're on their game they're spectacular." - 4/5 mojo

Born In The Echoes


  1. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
  2. Go
  3. Under Neon Lights
  4. EML Ritual
  5. I'll See You There
  6. Just Bang
  7. Reflexion
  8. Taste Of Honey
  9. Born In The Echoes
  10. Radiate
  11. Wide Open
  12. Let Us Build A City (Deluxe CD Bonus Track)
  13. Wo Ha (Deluxe CD Bonus Track)
  14. Go (Extended Mix) (Deluxe CD Bonus Track)
  15. Reflexion (Extended Mix) (Deluxe CD Bonus Track)