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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy



ltd 7"

Released: 22nd Jan 2015


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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy continues his endless march to the Singer's Grave with a 3rd single from 'Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues'.

The personal b-side to 'Mindlessness', aptly titled ‘Blindlessness’, features hallucinatory imagery, provided by Kyle Armstrong (Armstrong's 2012 short film 'MAGNETIC RECONNECTION' was narrated by Will Oldham & scored by our comrade Jim O'Rourke). The visuals elevate Bonny’s brooding introspection to a new height as the cascades of light & colour illuminate brightly against the backdrop of succouring harmonies. Bonnie is seen blindfolded, safe & detached from his surroundings, yearning for a new reality. The steady & determined strums of his guitar echo as Bonnie sings, "Why can't I take what I have seen and get far away from here." His articulation is poignant & invites us all on an enduring journey of reflection, as vivid images blaze in the background.



  1. Mindlessness
  2. Blindlessness