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180g LP - £16.99 | Buy
Ooooo – crunchy electro-psych-goth-industrial-drone-shoegaze – there’s a bit of everything we love in here and consequently, we’ve becom...

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personal best

lp - £19.99 | Buy
dinked 191 - very limited blue lp* + 4 postcards* + poster* + inner sleeve* - 1 per customer - £26.99
After so many years inactive, we realised that Traams was something we all really needed.

Everything Was Beautiful

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limited deluxe 140g pink lp - 1 per customer - £28.99

limited 140g lp w/ japanese text - 1 per customer - £19.99
J Spaceman got the old band back together to complete the Vonnegut quote & deliver a far-reaching, sonically expanded record that could only come from this ...


blue lp in *resident exclusive sleeve* - £23.99 | Buy
blue lp - £23.99 | Buy

pink lp in *resident exclusive sleeve* - £22.99
A blistering debut of acid squelch, industrial grind, metallic beats, sinister synths & jagged punk spirit, along with the odd moment of hushed contemplatio...

Oh Know

limited 7" + download - £7.99 | Buy
‘Oh Know’ was originally released as part of NRML Festival in Mexico City as a music video release by Echo Panda Films.


cd - £9.99 | Buy
here to rid the planet of identikit krautfuzzers, these three Englishmen summon a brilliant set of sharp-focus electronic rock songs from the bones of influence...


cd - £11.99
limited edition white lp + download - £16.99 | Buy
the brighton duo’s layers of fizzing arpeggios and crushing motorik drums transport us deeper into their ever-changing, kaleidoscopic world of meaty psych...
High Art Lite
  1. Future Flesh
  2. Every Day In Every Way
  3. Club Nautico (Part 1)
  4. Piz Buin
  5. Double Lucifer
  6. Shallow Ends
  7. Semantics
  8. Say Anything
  9. Host
  10. Club Nautico (Part 2)
  11. High Art Lite

Dinked 223

  • “Blood In The Water” split red & blue vinyl *
  • Signed & hand-numbered edition *
  • Obi-strip *
  • 2-sided printed insert Limited pressing of 700 * 

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition



High Art Lite

Invada Records
  • Dinked Edition 223 - Signed & Hand Numbered "Blood In The Water" Red & Blue LP with Obi-strip + download (700 only) - 1 per customer

    Released: 28th Oct 2022

  • CD

    Released: 28th Oct 2022


Turn on the TV! The wait is finally over & the testcard is no more - Joe Oxley is back to entertain us & his programming has had a fresh update.

Now fittingly residing on Invada Records (the perfect home for his soundtrack-inspired art), he delivers his second album & it’s a proper headrush! No Resident customer in 2018 could have escaped our obsession with his debut ‘Psychic Data’ (it was on the stereo pretty much every day afterall) but with ‘High Art LIte’, his blissful harmonies, crunching noise pop, symphonic synths & kaleidoscopic kosmische grooves are constantly finding new fans amongst us. The colours are deeper, crisper & more vivid. Like you’ve opted for the biggest HDR package!