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Gang Of Four


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'Entertainment!' is one of those records where germs of influence can be traced through many genres & countless band.
Sinead O'Brien

Time Bend and Break The Bower

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As much as Sinead experiments with the form & shape of language, she experiments with the form & shape of song & even, on her powerful debut, with t...

Good Time/Hard Time

*signed* limited indies only natural / black "colour in colour" lp - £23.99 | Buy
indies only colour lp - £23.99 | Buy

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dinked 227 – red & black lp + 7” + signed print + sticker sheet - £25.99
4 albums in, 1 man down, double the energy – the incredible force of nature that is Teleman returns to make sense of our world in chaos & their words ...

Not About To Die (2022 reissue)

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The original Not About To Die was an illegal /bootleg, released at some point in the early 80s, by the dubiously named Amnesia Records.
Smiling Pools


  1. What You Came For
  2. Slightly Shaking Cells
  3. Failing
  4. Pest Control
  5. Somnambulance
  6. Through The Door
  7. M6 Toll
  8. Heavenly
  9. Faulty Receiver
  10. Shut Up
  11. 24 Deliveru
  12. A Walk In The Park


Dinked edition 238

- “Whirlpool Red” coloured vinyl *

- Alternative artwork sleeve *

- Hand numbered edition *

- Limited pressing of 330 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition


Smiling Pools

prah recordings
  • limited indies only poolside blue lp

    Released: 26th May 2023

  • dinked 238 - very limited numbered* "whirlpool red" lp* in alternate artwork sleeve* - 1 per customer

    Released: 26th May 2023

    out of stock

This trio have enamoured us more deeply with each gig & record & we’re ecstatic at what they’ve uncovered now.

Building on their post-punk roots, they've created a lithe, adventurous work of propulsive abstract sound sculptures & acute lyrical observations.

Toby Burroughs, Rosa Brook, & Tom Jones quickly established something of a foundational template on 2019’s ‘PZI’: a hyper-skeletal sound palette of drums, bass & three distinct vocals disrupted by Rosa’s churning violins, from which emerged biting social observations & political angst. These hallmarks haven’t fully disappeared but from that urgent energy there has emerged greater confidence & a playful desire to push further out from the loose genre tag of post-punk they were initially saddled with.

FOR FANS OF: Gang Of Four / Sinead O Brien / PiL / Teleman / Wire