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2lp + cd

Released: 12th Mar 2012



Released: 12th Mar 2012


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10 tracks of teutonic turn-ons marking the reunion of electronic pioneers vince clarke (erasure/ yazoo/ depeche mode) & martin l.

gore (depeche mode). mastered by stefan betke (aka pole) & mixed by the influential californian electronic artist überzone / q, the album demonstrates clarke & gore’s shared love of electronic music & marks the arrival proper of this enigmatic duo who have teamed up again after 30 years. speaking to mojo, clarke says the collaborative process was “really about exchanging colours…like 2 people doing a painting in a different room,” & gore confessed his preference for “anything that’s a bit darker…with a driving rhythm.”


  1. Lowly
  2. Zaat
  3. Spock
  4. Windup Robot
  5. Bendy Bass
  6. Single Blip
  7. Skip This Track
  8. Aftermaths
  9. Recycle
  10. Flux