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mark morriss

a flash of darkness

acid jazz


Released: 17th Mar 2014



Released: 24th Feb 2014


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Can it really be 20 years since Mark Morriss first shimmied into our lives as singer with The Bluetones? Apparently so, But his ability to sieve poetry from the colander of every day life remains unique.

The first single – 'This Is The Lie' – is a slice of perfect, harmony laden, psychy-pop. the inclusion of Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’, a song from the soundtrack to the 2011 movie 'Drive', & 'Pink Bullets' by The Shins are examples of Mark's ability to interpret the music of other artists & make them his own. "introspective second solo album from britpop veteran...this is the soundtrack to a personal dark night of the soul. catchy, cathartic & laceratingly honest, this is morriss's minor-key masterpiece" 4/5 - q.

a flash of darkness


  1. A Flash Of Darkness
  2. Consuela
  3. Guilty Again
  4. It’s Hard To Be Good All The Time
  5. Pink Bullets
  6. Low Company
  7. Life Without F(r)iction
  8. This Is The Lie (and That’s The Truth)
  9. Space Cadet
  10. Nightcall
  11. Sleep Song