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Field Music

music for Drifters

Memphis Industries

record store day 2015 - silver vinyl lp, gatefold sleeve

Released: 18th Apr 2015


Field Music release a brand new instrumental album for 2015's Record Store Day.

· ‘Music for Drifters’ is a recording of a newlycomposed, cinematic score for John Grierson's landmark 1929 film ‘Drifters’ on the UK's herring fishing industry, widely regarded as the first British narrative documentary. · The composition was originally commissioned for a live performance and screening of ‘Drifters’ at 2013's Berwick Film Festival and Field Music (featuring Peter and David Brewis plus original keyboardist Andy Moore) will be performing the score again at screenings of the film across April and May. · Silver colour vinyl, silver board gatefold sleeve. · Limited to 750 copies.

music for Drifters

  1. Drifters Side 1
  2. Drifters Side 2