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Drive-By Truckers

This Weekend's The Night

ato records

2lp + download

Released: 12th Feb 2016


a comprehensive dive deep into the world of drive by truckers’ legendary live sets, consisting of three shows over a weekend in san Francisco.

In the band’s own words: “We hired some horns, sold some tickets and played three special and unique shows. From those shows we have sequenced a sort of ultimate live DBT collection, one that hopefully captures the essence of our life’s work into one cohesive whole. Songs and stories spanning thirty years of Drive- By Truckers sequenced to hopefully give as close as possible document of the DBT show.”


This Weekend's The Night


  1. Lookout Mountain
  2. Women Without Whiskey
  3. The Righteous Path
  4. Birthday Boy
  5. Runaway Train
  6. Primer Coat
  7. Putting People On The Moon
  8. A Ghost To Most
  9. Goode's Field Road
  10. Sounds Better In The Song
  11. A World Of Hurt
  12. Zip City
  13. Grand Canyon