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Ash Koosha


Ninja Tune


Released: 1st Apr 2016



Released: 27th May 2016


koosha’s music is anything but straight forward – harmonic yet glitch and hyperactive, synthetic yet warm and organic, familiar yet new and intriguing: ‘I aka I’ is an exhibition in creative leftfield dance.

nowhere is that more pronounced than on ‘eluded’ that takes cues from holly Herndon and oneohtrix point never to make a synthetic lullaby for robots – warming and endearing yet disorientating and innately alien, the synthetic lyrics play against the bobbing rhythm perfectly to make music for a new reality. if you’re a fan of the wilfully obscured dancefloor aesthetic of arca or the futuristic sci fi dance of aphex twin’s more cerebral moments you need this album. “fascinating new dimensions” – 4/5 q magazine


  1. Ote
  2. Feather
  3. Eluded
  4. In Lin
  5. Mudafossil
  6. Hex
  7. Ooh Uhh
  8. Biutiful
  9. Fool Moon
  10. Make it Fast
  11. Shah
  12. Snow
  13. Grow
  14. Too Many
  15. Needs