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Ian William Craig




Released: 8th Jul 2016


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2lp + download

Released: 8th Jul 2016


wildly experimental and fantastically listenable uk label debut from the vancouver-based singer / composer.

some elements of the record recall the hands-on customisation of Hauschka’s prepared piano or the tape-grain bleed of Max Richter, but on this lp craig's voice substantially features as each song's centre. "A tremendous ambient soundscape, surrounding the central component of the voice of a classically-trained opera singer, might epitomize a spiritual musical experience... a beautiful, yet uncertain utopia, a haven in which one can feel comfort in solitude." – Impose.


  1. Contain (Astoria Version)
  2. A Single Hope
  3. Drifting To Void On All Sides
  4. The Nearness
  5. Set To Lapse
  6. Power Colour Spirit Animal
  7. Arrive, Arrive
  8. A Circle Without Having To Curve
  9. An Ocean Only You Could See
  10. Purpose (Is No Country)
  11. It Need Not Be Hopeless
  12. Innermost
  13. Contain (Cedar Version)