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Duke Garwood

garden of ashes

heavenly recordings


Released: 3rd Feb 2017


lp + download

Released: 3rd Feb 2017


framed by his minimal, effectively-used bluesy guitar, his rough-smooth, earthy voice is emphasized as it preaches it like it is.

South London’s unlikely bluesman Duke Garwood has found the perfect place for us all, and says it’s time to meet in the ‘Garden of Ashes’. On Duke’s 6th outing, that’s precisely the message “This album is about midnight in the garden of paradise that we know is being destroyed to satisfy the greedy money people. It's all burned down. We burned it to ashes.” “I was inspired to follow ‘Heavy Love’ with a warm bath of honey for the soul. It's a stare down to the beast of hate trying to take over our garden. Whilst it explores Duke’s heartache for things beyond his control, each track on Garden of Ashes, through sonorous vocal delivery, unfurls like the healing stench of a Deep Heat patch for the soul.

garden of ashes

  1. Coldblooded
  2. Sonny Boogie
  3. Blue
  4. Days Gone Old
  5. Sing to the Sky
  6. Garden of Ashes
  7. Heat us Down
  8. Hard Dreams
  9. Move Softly
  10. Sleep
  11. Coldblooded the Return