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The Rough Guide to Hillbilly Blues

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Released: 27th Jan 2017


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Released: 28th Jul 2017


A diverse selection of tracks which highlights how early white country musicians were heavily influenced by the blues.

Includes tracks by early country music pioneers Jimmie Rodgers, Charlie Poole & Dock Boggs. The album has been lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques. When the Country blues was first recorded in the mid-1920s, it was not only played and appreciated by African-Americans but also by white performers & audiences alike. During this time, it was common practice for record companies to separate the music of the American South into two categories: the 'race' series, aimed at a black audience; & the 'hillbilly' series, aimed at white audiences. Often overlooked is the fact that there was a huge amount of musical exchange & interaction between white & black musicians at this time.

The Rough Guide to Hillbilly Blues

  1. Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson - Guitar Rag
  2. Allen Brothers - Bow Wow Blues
  3. Dick Justice - Cocaine
  4. Dock Boggs - Down South Blues
  5. Frank Hutchison - Stackalee
  6. Jimmie Rodgers - Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel #8)
  7. Chris Bouchillon - Born in Hard Luck
  8. Clarence Greene - Johnson City Blues
  9. Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - If The River Was Whiskey
  10. Sam McGee - Buck Dancer's Choice
  11. Darby And Tarlton - Slow Wicked Blues
  12. Walter Smith - The Cat's Got The Measles And The Dog's Got Whoopin’ Cough
  13. Larry Hensley - Match Box Blues
  14. Bayless Rose - Black Dog Blues
  15. South Georgia Highballers - Blue Grass Twist
  16. Dixon Brothers - Weave Room Blues
  17. Tom Ashley - Haunted Road Blues
  18. John Dilleshaw & The String Marvel - Spanish Fandango
  19. Cliff Carlisle - Trouble Minded Blues
  20. Riley Puckett - The Darkey's Wail
  21. Williamson Brothers & Curry - Lonesome Road Blues
  22. Lester McFarland - K.C. Whistle Blues
  23. David Miller - Cannon Ball Rag
  24. Narmour & Smith - The New Carroll County Blues - No. 1
  25. Emry Arthur - Reuben, Oh Reuben