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The Rough Guide to Jug Band Blues

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Released: 26th May 2017


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Released: 29th Mar 2019


Classic recordings from the heyday of the jug band craze featuring a diverse selection of blues, ragtime and jazz music.

This album includes many forgotten gems by artists shrouded in mystery with upbeat and comic tracks far removed from the raw sound of the Delta blues. These bands developed out of the country blues and songster traditions and created an upbeat sound perfectly suited to entertaining crowds.

The Rough Guide to Jug Band Blues

  1. Memphis Sheiks - He's In The Jailhouse Now
  2. Whistler & His Jug Band - The Jug Band Special
  3. Cannon's Jug Stompers - Going To Germany
  4. Birmingham Jug Band - Giving It Away
  5. Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band - Casey Bill
  6. Tampa Red’s Hokum Jug Band - It's Tight Like That
  7. Carolina Peanut Boys - This Will Bring You Back
  8. Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah - The Spasm
  9. Minnie Wallace - The Old Folks Started It
  10. King David's Jug Band - What's That Tastes Like Gravy
  11. Seven Gallon Jug Band - Wipe 'Em Off
  12. Memphis Minnie And Her Jug Band - Grandpa And Grandma Blues
  13. Memphis Jug Band - Stealin', Stealin'
  14. Bob Coleman & The Cincinnati Jug Band - Tear It Down
  15. Clifford's Louisville Jug Band - Mammy O'Mine Blues
  16. Noah Lewis' Jug Band - Ticket Agent Blues
  17. Jimmie Rodgers & The Louisville Jug Band - My Good Gal's Gone Blues
  18. Jed Davenport And His Beale Street Jug Band - Beale Street Breakdown
  19. Bill Johnson’s Louisiana Jug Band - Don't Drink It In Here
  20. Picaninny Jug Band - Bottle It Up And Go
  21. Dixieland Jug Blowers - Banjoreno
  22. Prairie Ramblers - Jug Rag
  23. Jack Kelly & His South Memphis Jug Band - Red Ripe Tomatoes
  24. Old Southern Jug Band - Blues, Just Blues, That's All
  25. Alabama Jug Band - Sugar Blues