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Released: 15th Sep 2017



Released: 15th Sep 2017


Fink have never been afraid to experiment, and here, they arguably sound more fearless than ever.

There is revelation and redemption; Fink’s positive conviction pervades even the darkest sentiments here. A heavy, resonant bass underpins the production throughout, and a range of new elements are also added to the Fink mix, from producer Flood’s own vintage analogue synths, to sax welded into the vivid atmospheres and skittering beats. ‘Resurgam’ is a bold new chapter; whole-hearted, soulful, irrepressible. “delivers a head rush of melody with warmth and candor” – northern transmissions


  1. Resurgam
  2. Day 22
  3. Cracks Appear
  4. Word To The Wise
  5. Not Everything Was Better In The Past
  6. The Determined Cut
  7. Godhead
  8. This Isn't A Mistake
  9. Covering Your Tracks
  10. There's Just Something About You