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people and their dogs

sony music


Released: 18th Aug 2017

£19.99 £14.99


Released: 18th Aug 2017


this is an absolute explosion of phenomenal artistic vision from the oxford singer-songwriter on his self-produced debut, which consists of surging scuzzy lo-fi rock that invites all manner of musical tangents to spice things up.

according to Willie it's “a record for anyone who likes analogue recordings of songs about feeling strongly about everyday things, like being in your bedroom or watching people walk past your window. Feeling like you're on the outside looking in & being cool with it.”


people and their dogs

  1. Subterraneans
  2. My Room
  3. Somewhere In Between
  4. All Those Things
  5. Love Her
  6. Would You Be
  7. Pipedreams
  8. Greys
  9. People And Their Dogs
  10. Lazy Shade of Pink
  11. Sleep All Day
  12. Marieâ??s Balcon
  13. We Should Hang