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the shins

the worms heart


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Released: 19th Jan 2018

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Released: 19th Jan 2018


James Mercer is simply showing off now – shortly after their latest project ‘heartworms’, he has decided to ‘flip’ each of those tracks on their head, revealing a different listening experience in the process.

Originally beginning as a creative experiment, the multi-talented indie mega force turns the rockier numbers into slow acoustic ballads whilst the pensive moments become loud and upbeat. A must have for any fan; this latest chapter in their varied career has created a unique interpretation of a double-album. 

the worms heart

  1. The Fear (Flipped)
  2. So Now What (Flipped)
  3. Heartworms (Flipped)
  4. Dead Alive (Flipped)
  5. Half a Million (Flipped)
  6. Rubber Ballz (Flipped)
  7. Mildenhall (Flipped)
  8. Fantasy Island (Flipped)
  9. Cherry Hearts (Flipped)
  10. Painting a Hole (Flipped)
  11. Name For You (Flipped)