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Ari Roar

calm down

bella union

limited green lp + download

Released: 25th May 2018



Released: 25th May 2018


golden super pop from Texan singer/songwriter stepped in  60’s influences, DIY production techniques and ear-worm melodies that will stay in your head for days to come.

drawing on inspirations of psych, lo-fi garage and the knack for simple but catchy pop. Songwriter Caleb Campbell has huge confidence of getting straight to the point with his songs, not a second is wasted with most of the tracks barely reaching the 3 minute mark. Lyrically covering memories of growing up, anxiety and self-doubt the music acts as a counterpoint to dark undertones beneath his lyrics. Taking note of heroes old & new it falls somewhere between Grandaddy & Frankie Cosmos.

calm down

  1. Calm Down
  2. called In
  3. Windowsill
  4. Lost And Found
  5. Picked The Lock
  6. Hidden Playground
  7. Don't Have It
  8. Off And On
  9. Implode
  10. Feeding Out The Slack
  11. Blow Dry
  12. In My Day
  13. Sock Drawer
  14. Choke
  15. Lucky One