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Thunder Follows The Light

Transgressive Records

limited blue lp + download

Released: 21st Sep 2018



Released: 21st Sep 2018


Jordan lee’s lush folk compositions deliver a warm, soothing optimism that fans of bon iver’s self-titled album will immediately fall in love with.

the new york-based multi-instrumentalist and producer has crafted pop experiments for almost a decade, blending orchestral instrumentation and ambient electronic sounds. His new album features an array of friends and many returning collaborators, including vocals from Johanne Swanson (of Yohuna). ‘New History’ is the album’s truest folk song, with twangy harmonica and slide guitar. Its inspiration came to him while spending time in the economically depressed area of Ohio where his parents grew up. fans of volcano choir, fleet foxes, William fitzsimmons and Joshua radin need to hear this!

Thunder Follows The Light


  1. Written In Lightning
  2. New History
  3. storm Cellar Heart
  4. Shedding Skin
  5. Come To Pass
  6. Waves, Breaking
  7. No Dominion
  8. Mountains Shadow
  9. Nightingale Sing
  10. Thunder Follows