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Pavo Pavo

Mystery Hour

bella union

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Released: 25th Jan 2019



Released: 25th Jan 2019


the duo whips up a magical sophomore with this dreamy blend of alternative synth-pop and sultry strings.

This album is a focused, widescreen development that channels the narrative drama of Oliver and Eliza’s changing relationship. It’s an uncategorisable record that’s both maximal and compact, a fever dream filled with cinematic imagery and rooted in acute emotion, written as the two were separating after a six-year relationship. Fans of grizzly bear, arc iris and madeline kenney should check this out. “they sound anything but bereft as baggs’ dreamy soprano, layers of melodic synths and soaring strings cast a dramatically romantic sheen over their pain” uncut.

Mystery Hour

  1. Mystery Hour
  2. Mon Cheri
  3. Easy
  4. 100 Years
  5. Check The Weather
  6. Close To Your Ego
  7. The Other Half
  8. Around Part 1
  9. Around Part 2
  10. Statue Is A Man Inside
  11. Goldenrod