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School Of Language


Memphis Industries


Released: 26th Jul 2019



Released: 26th Jul 2019


very limited indie exclusive yellow lp - 1 per customer

Released: 26th Jul 2019


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top shop fave, david brewis, returns with a cheeky send-up of Donald trump (the apprentice usa) that’s rife with gleaming post-punk-pop hooks and jagged grooves galore.

His third album under this moniker is about Donald Trump - his dubious rise in politics, his capricious behaviour while in office and the motley cast of characters he has surrounded himself with. It’s not exactly a protest record, though it is shot through with anger. It’s definitely not a joke, though some of it is darkly funny. It is a tragedy and it is a farce. '45' was written and recorded in a little less than two months during gaps in the schedule at Field Music’s studio in Sunderland. “a witty and fresh response to america’s current commander-in-chief” – uncut.


  1. I’ve Got The Numbers
  2. Nobody Knows
  3. A Beautiful Wall
  4. Rocket Man
  5. Rex
  6. The Goldwater Rule
  7. Adult In the Room
  8. And Even If I Did
  9. Lock Her Up
  10. The Best People