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Memphis Industries


Released: 14th Feb 2020


180g + download

Released: 14th Feb 2020


limited indies only 180g orange lp + download

Released: 14th Feb 2020


a sensory overload of clattering, hooky, guitar work that allows new emotional depth to emerge amidst the hair-raising onslaught.

More expansive than ever before, “3D Routine” manages to maintain the rawness of a classic debut but its experimentation and variety portray a band unlikely to rest on their ‘guitar band’ chops. The way in which the album brazenly moves from polished 3- minute punk tracks, to avant-garde spoken word, to sardonic-political funk, whilst sounding like the same band is testament to an uncompromisingly unrefined ethic and compounds the jarring nature of Mush. Plenty in here for fans of The Fall, Dry Cleaning, Idles, Shame and the like. “A winning, hook-embossed indie anthem that would have graced John Peel’s festive 50 in another lifetime” 8/10 - Uncut


  1. Revising My Fee
  2. Eat the Etiquette
  3. Existential Dread
  4. Coronation Chicken
  5. Island Mentality
  6. Fruits of the Happening
  7. Hey Gammon Head
  8. 3D Routine
  9. Gig Economy
  10. Poverty Pornography
  11. No Signal in the Paddock
  12. Alternative Facts