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The Rough Guide To Blues Divas

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Released: 31st Jan 2020


The 1920s “classic era” of recorded blues was dominated by women who lived and performed in the cities.

This Rough Guide explores its glitzy heyday when singers such as Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey became the first real stars of the blues. This is an album which revives the memory of the largely forgotten 1920s blues queens and explores the hugely significant and often overlooked role that women have played in the story of the blues. Highlights the first wave of blues singers who inspired the likes of Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Nina Simone and Janis Joplin. The tracks were lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques. An album which revives the memory of the largely forgotten 1920s blues queens. Includes many lesser-known gems by artists shrouded in mystery The original blues divas were responsible for recording the first ever blues songs. Pioneering artists who developed the blues tradition and took it to the popular stages. Following on from the success of other blues titles in the Rough Guide range. Bringing to the fore hidden gems that deserve to be heard. Lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques

The Rough Guide To Blues Divas

  1. Ma Rainey - Black Eye Blues
  2. Ethel Waters - Sweet Georgia Brown
  3. Clara Smith - Salty Dog
  4. Mamie Smith - Jenny’s Ball
  5. victoria Spivey - Dope Head Blues
  6. Alberta Hunter - Everybody Mess Around
  7. Bessie Smith - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
  8. Edith Wilson - My Man Is Good For Nothing But Love
  9. Ida Cox - Give Me A Break Blues
  10. Lucille Bogan - Tired As I Can Be
  11. Lucille Hegamin - Shake Your Cans
  12. Sippie Wallace - I’m A Mighty Tight Woman
  13. Hattie Burleson - Bye Bye Baby