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  1. Turn
  2. Silence
  3. l a r m
  4. I'll Be The Death Of You
  5. d e n l i l l a p å s e a v l y c k a
  6. The Prophet
  7. Neon Lights
  8. I Live At Night
  9. Baby You Have Travelled For Miles Without Love In Your Eyes
  10. Death Engine
  11. a b s o l u t a m o l l p u n k t e n
  12. Depression Tourist



bella union
  • cd

    Released: 8th May 2020

  • clear 2lp + download

    Released: 22nd May 2020


boasting vast walls of widescreen synths, deep pools of warmly melancholic melodies & maria linden's fantastically ethereal vocals wafting over it all, this record's dense, shimmering atmosphere will not be resisted by lovers of brooding dream-pop.

As she watched a collection of favourite films (sound muted) & made her own soundtrack sketches, her sonic workouts gradually evolved into this intimate & sublimely expansive return that sets its own pace with the intuitive power of a much-loved movie. &, as its title suggests, its sumptuous sound worlds – dreamy mellotrons, haunting loops, analogue synths – & layered lyrics crackle with immersive dramatic tensions on many levels. Fans of beach house, death & vanilla, cocteau twins & the moodier end of the goldfrapp catalogue will find much to adore here. “a vivid & spacious cinematic world” album of the week – line of best fit.