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The Rough Guide To African Beats

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Released: 26th Feb 2021



Released: 17th Apr 2020


This Rough Guide highlights how rhythm is the defining trait of African music and features guardians and masters of ancient but living musical traditions.

It’s a seamless collection of tracks from diverse countries including Lesotho, South Sudan and Niger. Featuring an array of percussive instruments, from the well-known djembe to obscure log drums and xylophones, from the ever popular benga beat of Kenge Kenge to the junk-funk of Sotho Sounds, this is a cutting-edge collection of trance-inducing grooves, which create an unstoppable expression of freedom and liberation Undoubtedly some of the best African music you’ve never heard.

The Rough Guide To African Beats

  1. Wayo - Kpaningbo (Xylophone)
  2. Kenge Kenge - Obare Yinda
  3. Simo Lagnawi - Bolami
  4. Sotho Sounds - Ha Kele Monateng
  5. Mamane Barka - Doro Lelewa
  6. Hope Masike - Zunde
  7. Mamoutou Dembele - Taro Maro
  8. Seprewa Kasa - Nkasoo