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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Sideways to New Italy


limited indies-only loser edition sky blue lp + download

Released: 5th Jun 2020


lp + download

Released: 5th Jun 2020


love record stores edition - Limited Rose LP

Released: 5th Dec 2020



Released: 5th Jun 2020


The Melburnian troupe prove that their skilful lasso-ing of summer’s long heavy nights on their debut was no fluke - this follow up is just as suitably sun-kissed & dreamy but now with the addition of intimate tales of love & strife to boot.

After years spent looking out at landscapes and loved ones and an increasingly unstable world, rolling blackouts coastal fever have turned their gaze inward, to their individual pasts and the places that inform them, on their second full length, ‘sideways to new italy’. Early attempts at writing big, high concept songs about the state of the world were abandoned in favour of love songs, and familiar voices and characters filter in and out, grounding the band's stories in their personal histories. FFO: The War On Drugs, Diiv, Television, Bruce Springsteen “‘Sideways To New Italy’ makes up a unique time capsule that’s engineered as much to thrill their audience as to indulge the band’s own sentimentality.” 7/10 - Loud & Quiet.

Derry says: “Follow up to my favourite album of 2018 & it doesn't disappoint. If this doesn't make you want to be travelling the Great Ocean Road with the top down, nothing will.”

Sideways to New Italy

  1. The Second Of The First
  2. Falling Thunder
  3. She's There
  4. Beautiful Steven
  5. The Only One
  6. Cars In Space
  7. Cameo
  8. Not Tonight
  9. Sunglasses At The Wedding
  10. The Cool Change