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Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat

The Powers and the Glory of Love

Chemikal Underground Records


Released: 26th Mar 2012


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unexpected cover version medley of 3 versions of ‘the power of love’, by frankie goes to hollywood, huey lewis & the news & jennifer rush.

the idea behind the single was born after a slightly inebriated aidan tweeted how much he loved all of the above tracks after a night in watching mtv. upon hearing this admission, the esteemed deputy editor of mojo, mr andrew male, then posed the following innocuous question: “has anyone ever managed a medley of all three?” the 7” features teenage fanclub’s norman blake & lorna gilfedder from the national jazz trio of scotland on backing vocals.

The Powers and the Glory of Love


  1. The Powers And The Glory Of Love
  2. Glasgow Jubilee #2 (Live In Zurich)