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lee perry & the righteous flame

silver locks / jah jah words

pressure sounds


Released: 5th Nov 2012


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A rocking 12" featuring 3 tracks previously un-released, all produced by Lee Perry at the Black Ark.

The A-side is an extended mix of the Junior Byles track 'Curly Locks' remixed & re-voiced by Lee Perry himself. 'Silver Locks' has a scat dubbed out Vocal by Lee at his most playful & charming. Laid back stoned & hypnotic. Perry drifts in out & around the rhythm. its a perfect juxtaposition of sound, vibe & all of the best things about Lee Perry at the height of his powers. This extended mix has never been released before. The AA-side is from a dub plate & features 'Righteous Flame' on lead vocal. Most likely one of the Flames vocal group that featured Winston Jarrett. 'Jah Jah Words' & its dub mix are spiritual bass heavy tunes that capture the spaced out roots side of the Black Ark studio. Taken from a super rare dub plate & never before released. Comes in a hand made sleeve stamped by with Upsetters record shop logo. These tracks are all unique to this 12' and are not on the 'Sound Doctor' album.

silver locks / jah jah words


  1. silver locks extended mix
  2. jah jah words
  3. jah jah words dubb