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Pure Bathing Culture

Pure Bathing Culture

Memphis Industries


Released: 19th Nov 2012


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an elegant collection of 4 beautifully realised songs, constructed with smooth melodies embodying the nostalgia of soft, soul inflected '80s pop but with a freshness all of their own.

pure bathing culture is the portland based duo of sarah versprille (vocals, keys) & daniel hindman (bvs & guitars). stand out tracks include ‘gainesville’, inspired by the name of a town in florida &, according to sarah, “about a friend who passed away in motorcycle accident in peru who was living a pretty wild life”, & ‘ivory coast’, a “positive reflection on one's obsession with their muse - how far someone may be willing to go to be in touch with the thing they love the most".

Pure Bathing Culture


  1. Lucky One
  2. Silver Shore’s Lake
  3. Ivory Coast
  4. Gainesville