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Shapeshifter / Bloodlines



Released: 20th Feb 2013


these nightmare-pop raconteurs are made up of the mercurial Liam Frost & members of fellow darlings of the northern alternative scene The Whip & The Earlies.

the band plumbed South African mythology for a name befitting their mischievous, mysterious clash of sounds. “I thought Tokolosh was a beautiful but powerful & rhythmic-sounding name that matched perfectly with the aggressive drums & Liam's darkly sexual lyrics. In South African culture, the Tokoloshe is this mischievous character capable of truly awful things,” explains guitarist Christian Madden. Marrying bruising electronics & keyboard melodies with choral vocals & soul inflections, the Manchester group display their maddening talent in bright, vibrant colours. 'Bloodlines' is a menacing electronic odyssey, like a heavyweight Postal Service sparring with Yeasayer, with picked acoustic guitar & plaintive piano chords weaving their way around thundering percussion & swirling synth sounds, while ‘Shapeshifter’ spotlights the band's slinkier side, splicing lyrics about dragon hearts in amidst handclaps & seductive rhythms.

Shapeshifter / Bloodlines