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Released: 18th Mar 2013


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3 site-specific installations & recordings, exploring the relationship between space & sound, applying extreme bass, noise & feedback as means of extracting the essence & sonic signature of these unique sites.

spanning a decommissioned nuclear power station in snowdonia, a vast concrete testing bunker below central london, & a 22 mile medieval mine tunnelled into the earth beneath kent, the recordings further the work emptyset developed through the release ‘medium’. across the recordings there is a focus on the nature of sonic decay, as each space imparts its signature reverberant characteristics to the signal, ranging from detailed noise reflecting across sheer concrete surfaces to low frequency sonics tunnelling through subterranean earth.



  1. Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station – Snowdonia, Wales 17.12.12
  2. Ambika P3 – London, England 12.12.12
  3. Chislehusrt Mine – Kent, England 02.11.12