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Released: 25th Mar 2013


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dolor takes solo flight on Technicolour following the acclaimed 'DRUGS' mixtape with his champion & spar, Lorn.

'Misteria' presents a confident & fully fledged sound absorbing & reframing elements of classic UK rave & 90's techno with a slow / fast hip hop bounce & hi-tech electronic processing, gliding from the lush rave pads & neck-snap nod of 'Our Number' through the bewitching, Tri Angle-esque roll of 'Pull Me In' & the skittish ether dreamscapes of 'It's Sexy Outside' to skudgy darkside hip hop lurch on 'Misteria' & Shadowhuntaz-style hip hop on 'Classic Is Over' with vocals from 18andcounting. Fans of Slugabed, Lorn, Vessel, Evian Christ should check this out.



  1. Our Number
  2. Pull Me In
  3. It’s Sexy Outside
  4. Mysteria
  5. Classic Is Over (ft 18andCounting)