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Released: 30th May 2013


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planet mu founder mike paradinas returns to original productions, exploring vintage synth tones, often with a variety of dancefloor styles.

opening with the gorgeous 'xt'; a smudged piano/moog melody recalls the abandon of '70s pop melodies before the composition falls out into airy arpeggiated funk with splashy drums. 'ritm' debuts with ravey piano & whistling synths, condensing early dance music tropes into a gauzy bitter-sweet haze. 'pulsar' is a perfect interpretation / tribute to late '70s electronic cosmic space-disco, gently nudged towards more modern dancefloors with pulsing electronics racing above robust kick /claps. 'monj 2' is footwork influenced but the vintage sound palette still dominates. 'new bimple' succinctly uses a short space of time, woody, swinging '2-step' drums & downcast piano melody, to bring the ep to a conclusion on a sadder, unresolved note.



  1. XT
  2. Ritm
  3. Pulsar
  4. Monj2
  5. New Bimple