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goodbye man

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Released: 17th Dec 2013


After the critical success of I Don’t Got, which saw Lark front man and songwriter Karl Bielik go solo for a creative regression into a more unhinged psychological sound space than his full band debut ,Goodbye Man ,his first single release in a year, sees Bielik return with a beautifully succinct work of minimal coldwave.

Cryptic lyrics open with revelatory promise but soon dissipate into lamentation while being orbited unpredictably by a singular vertiginous processed guitar that’s more motorcycle Wall of Death than Wall of Sound. All familiar territory for Bielik except that the track is anchored by a cruising bass heavy drum machine beat. Such a heavy cut is a new sound for Bielik but closer listening reveals it to derive less from the clean theoretical space born of the circuit board than the visceral pounding, clunking and hissing of the once industrial North where Bielik grew up and the birthplace of distinctive post punk strands to which he gravitates. But Bielik is no hauntologist, theres no conceit, which explains why his best output sits comfortably amongst the canon of darker popular music of the 70s and 80s like ‘lost’ classics.

goodbye man


  1. Goodbye Man
  2. Bones As Bones