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zoe zoe / candeetrain

lapai / copperlosers

Blik Muzik


Released: 23rd May 2013


brighton based electronic music label introduces its limited edition 7" release featuring 2 remixes by label’s founder & producer ijo.

side a features zoe zoe (mantas stonkus). ijo’s remix of his track ‘lapai’ resembles early '90s british rave music & combines breaks, ravey chord stabs & heavy sub bass. on the flip we have candeetrain, a 5-member-band whose music varies from acoustic/jazz to electronica. their song ‘copperlosers’ taken from their debut album ‘hypnopompic’, is a mellow drum n bass cut layered with jazz improvisation & dreamy vocals. ijo refixes the track adding to it his trademark drum programming & spacey keys.

lapai / copperlosers


  1. zoe zoe - lapai
  2. let's rave remix by ijo
  3. candeetrain - copperlosers
  4. ijo refix