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odd look ep


limited 12"

Released: 26th Aug 2013


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Kavinsky’s ‘Odd look’ is one of those songs which will haunt you for a long time after hearing it - one of Kavinsky’s acclaimed ‘Outrun’ highlights for sure.

The deep, raw & soulful instrumental brings a cinematic sound which has the power to literally put you in a virtual movie just listening to music! SebastiAn’s vocal part on top is a unique rendering, somewhere between Stevie Wonder & HAL. The Weeknd was invited to sing on the song by Kavinsky himself. As a big fan of his singing skills, the zombie wanted him to give his song the real soul touch that he’d had in mind for ages. His performance recalls Michael Jackson, a fast and swinging vocal line, extremely addictive! A-Trak who has been Kavinsky’s pal for years now delivers a banging remix with bass & drums and a beautiful & strange vocal hook. The kind of tune that can be played in a NYC hip hop party, as well as in a techno warehouse in Berlin with the same effect : arms up! Midnight Juggernauts have taken the spacey-progressive path for their approach towards ‘Odd Look’. Trancey sounds built around those Scarface-like choirs surround you & bring you back to the early 9O’s chill out era, Prince 85 is the newcomer of this selection of extra strong producers. His new-hip hop sound fits Kavinsky’s moods perfectly, adding a brilliant re-cut work & some exquisite additional keyboards. Surkin has the recipe for producing absolute club anthems, his re-do of Kavinsky’s tune is one more proof of his skills. Sirens, brilliantly produced vocal excerpts & his signature synth sounds alltogether create a happy & hysteric mood that could create club riots!

odd look ep


  1. Odd Look feat The Weeknd
  2. Odd Look (A-Trak remix)
  3. Odd Look (Surkin remix)
  4. Odd Look (Prince 85 remix)
  5. Odd Look (Midnight Juggernauts remix)
  6. Odd Look (album version)