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Electronic Rock

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Released: 12th Aug 2013


Known amongst a small group of teenage friends as "trase" (Tape Recorder and Synthesiser Ensemble), this previously unearthed and fully formed electronic music project was spearheaded by a 16-year-old schoolboy in 1981.

Composed & recorded using a self-made synth, audio mixer and electronic percussion units, T.R.A.S.E. would bridge the gap between a love for sci-fi horror soundtracks, Gary Numan B-sides & an extra curricular hobby as a sound & lighting designer for school plays. Having successfully recorded his only solo album, ‘Electronic Rock’ (which was never duplicated beyond his own demo copy), this early musical achievement by Andy Popplewell stands up as a rare self-initiated example of embryonic experimental electro pop & genuine outsider music, marking the early domestication of synthesisers & the dawn of electronic home recording studios & the uninhibited results.

Electronic Rock


  1. Electronic Rock (1983 Instrumental Version)
  2. Electronic Rock (Original 1981 LP Version)