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limited 12"

Released: 3rd Sep 2013

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Eldritch electro-acoustic explorer & uncompromising sound artist Luke Younger presents his first new material since casting the subterranean concrète psychedelia of his ‘Impossible Symmetry’ album for PAN across end-of-year lists in 2012 & petrifying numerable witnesses to his granite-hewn live set.

Issued as a split release between PAN & his own Alter label, ‘Silencer’ documents four studio actions conducted in the wake of his renowned LP, charting the alchemical relationships between base, stripped down rhythms, cruddy electronics & acousmatic source material manipulated on cassette tapes. The magic of these four tracks lies in the curious sense of detachment & friction between those fractured, awkwardly reactive elements, klanging flinty drums against detuned, cryptic synth scrabble & buckled tape FX to create charged & metaphysically affective atmospheres intended to corrode & infect your listening space. The title track follows a tumbling line of inquiry between primal percussive clatter & salted, scratching synth drones into the boggy, noxious ambience & quaking bass slap of ‘Mirrored Palms’, which features a desolate, sustained peal of foghorn brass from John Hannon of Liberez. In the tunnel of ‘Bergamo’, effluent rhythms & vapourous brown gases deliver a cold, claggy soundsphere, with Barrow-based multi-instrumentalist Tom James Scott contributing metallic scrape to the para-dimensional murk & insectoid shivers of ‘The Haze’.



  1. silencer
  2. mirrored palms
  3. bergamo
  4. the haze