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Circle of Fifths

Border Community


Released: 11th Nov 2013


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in these three not-on- the-album alternative interpretations we see the foreboding-filled interlude of tape-softened fuzziness assume surprising new proportions.

The modestly titled lead ‘Tool’ version is more of a deep-&-dirty primal club freakout that brings the lunatic gibbering of the mysterious Shimble right to the forefront, to overwhelmingly disorientating effect. The ‘Dub’, meanwhile, transposes the pagan aesthetic of the album for the communal ritual of the club dancefloor, whilst the final, bonus, ‘Gibbersolo’ lets Shimble’s Gollum-esque madness rip in a more than a little disturbing accapella form.

Circle of Fifths


  1. Circle Of Fifths (Tool)
  2. Circle Of Fifths (Dub)
  3. Circle Of Fifths (Gibbersolo)